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SSCB works closely with the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation to participate in the development of new cell therapies


SSCB has had a fruitful collaboration with the Swiss Stem Cell Foundation for some time.

The Swiss Foundation for Stem Cells is an independent, non-profit foundation whose purpose is research and development in the field of stem cells as well as education, counselling and dissemination of knowledge in this field for professionals and the interested public.

Through this valuable collaboration, SSCB has the opportunity to participate in the development of new cell therapies that will improve the health of future generations.

Thanks to the SSCF Research Biobank, SSCB can participate in the research and preclinical development of methods and technologies for the isolation, characterisation and large-scale production of mesenchymal stromal cells from adipose tissue.

We are proud to have started this collaboration with a non-profit institute specialising in stem cell research to give you as a family the opportunity to ensure a more secure future for you and your family.

What sets us apart from other cryopreservation banks: the desire to participate in new ventures to offer you ever more innovative and secure services that guarantee you a better future!

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