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TB Swiss Biobank is licensed by the Bulgarian Health Authorities to bank perinatal tissue, including umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. With more than 15 years of experience in the stem cells banking industry and thousands of customers in Bulgaria, the team of the company has longstanding reputation of professional expertise and reliability.


SSCB was founded in 2005 by a group of forward-looking researchers and physicians working at the Cardiocentro Ticino in Lugano (Switzerland). Since the first stem cell transplantation following a heart attack in 2004, people have been convinced that stem cells are the future of medicine. Thus it was known that the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells that could become a great resource for the future of the newborn.

Everything we do is designed to preserve your child’s sample in the best quality.

Since our start, we have kept your children’s umbilical cord blood so that one day it can be used for both standard therapies and many ongoing clinical trials to treat diseases such as autism, cerebral palsy and Alzheimer’s.

Since then, we have now stored over 25,000 umbilical cord blood samples. And all this under the strict rules of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG).


The SSCB is a true biobank and not just a commercial intermediary acting on behalf of third parties. The SSCB is based on its own laboratory, where the entire process of analysis and cryopreservation of each biological sample takes place.


If a use is necessary, the previously cryopreserved biological samples will be made available immediately. Thanks to the fact NETCORD accreditation, SSCB has high and strict quality standards for the processing, cryopreservation and release of samples and thanks to these standards any medical facility worldwide can use the sample for transplantation.


In order to obtain the Fact NECTCORD certification, SSCB must guarantee to its customers the continuity of the cryopreservation of biological material up to the natural expiration of the contract, even in the event of a termination or relocation. SSCB ensures this by setting up a “back-up” biobank to store cryopreserved samples in the event of an incident, while ensuring maximum safety and preservation quality.


In Switzerland, SSCB has a biobank and a state-of-the-art laboratory, which are in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

All our systems and processes are designed to give your child access to the best stem cell samples in the future.


We are the first private biobank in Europe to be certified by FACT-NetCord, the most selective international accreditation body for the quality of cell therapies, since 2012. In addition, we are GMP / GDP certified for the manufacture of stem cell drugs. Thanks to the Hybrid Bank project, we are registered in the World WDMA Register of Bone Marrow Donors for the issuance of donation samples. The Swiss Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss Medicines Control Authority (Swissmedic) regularly inspect the laboratories of our biobank and certify their suitability by means of operating permits.


We use the industry’s best integrated laboratory information management system to ensure maximum traceability and transparency in the processing of your samples. These include barcoding of the collection kit, recording video footage of each sample when it arrives, and automatic data entry in real time to minimize the risk of error. We also check the tanks to make sure the samples remain safe and usable for future treatments.


SSCB cooperates with the SSCF – Swiss Stem Cell Foundation, an independent, non-profit foundation dedicated to stem cell research and development, the development of new human cell-based cell therapies, and the training, advice and dissemination of knowledge in this field to professionals and the public.

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